Aquinas Lecture

Dr. Jude Dougherty

01.19.12 - The Fulton Sheen House of Formation had the honor of hosting Dr. Jude Dougherty this week for a lecture on the Church's philosopher, St. Thomas Aquinas.

Dr. Jude Dougherty, Dean Emeritus of the Philosophy department of the Catholic University of America, spoke in his lecture on the continuing role St. Thomas and Thomistic philosophy have in modern day education, particularly in a time when many secular universities give preference to Kantian or empirical philosophical systems.As well, Dr. Dougherty described in part the influence that Aristotle has had on the thought of Aquinas and mentioned the regular interplay of science and philosophy.

Fr. David Vidal asks a question

We thank the Lord for this opportunity to draw from the learning of Dr. Jude Dougherty and pray that our Blessed Mother aid us to learn more of that Truth we will contemplate one day in Heaven.

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!